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Moore, A.D., Salmon L. and Dove, H. (2004).The whole-farm impact of including dual-purpose winter wheat and forage brassica crops in a grazing system: a simulation analysis. New directions for a diverse planet: Handbook and Abstracts for the 4th International Crop Science Congress, Brisbane, Australia: 153.


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EnterpriseLocationIssue analysedFile to Download
Merino ewesYass and Parkes, NSWCosts and benefits of achieving fat score targets for national Lifetime Wool ProjectPaper-AFBMNetwork (3)2
Merino wethersYass, NSWVariability in production risks and cash flows over 117 yearsPaper-GSNSW 2007
Poster-GSNSW 2007
Merino wethersBeaufort, VICAssessing emerging seasonal risks with successive tactical analysesAbstract-GSSA 2007
Poster-GSSA 2007
Merino wethers; Merino, Dual-purpose and First-cross ewe flocksMortlake, VIC; Rutherglen, VIC; Cowra, NSW; Naracoorte, SAOptimum wool-meatsheep enterprise mixPaper-Sheep CRC 2006
Beef cowsApsley, TASProfit drivers for beef herds-calving date, stocking rate and weaner vs yearling productionPaper-GSSA TAS 2005
Presentation-GSSA TAS 2005
Bull beef tradingBranxholme, VICAssessing production risks and profitability of Friesian bulls using tactical analysisPaper-GSSA 2003
Merino wethersHopetoun, WAEconomic impact of destocking pasture to reduce soil lossPaper-WTSB 2002a
Merino ewesKybybolite, SACosts and benefits of grazing defermentPaper-WTSB 2002b
Merino ewesGundagai, NSWUsing production risks to assess land capabilityPresentation
Merino ewes producing heavy wethers for live sheep tradeWillalooka, SAThe value of lucerne to a wool enterprisePresentation
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