GrazFeed is a decision support tool developed in CSIRO Agriculture and Food to help graziers improve the profitability of livestock production, through more efficient use of pastures and supplementary feeds. GrazFeed is regarded as the industry benchmark for the nutrition of grazing animals in temperate Australia.

GrazFeed can help users
• decide what level of annual production a particular pasture will support
• minimise the cost of supplementary feeding
• select the most suitable feeds
• use only the amount required to maintain stock or achieve a production target.

What is GrazFeed?
GrazFeed is an easy to use computer program for any WindowsTM operating system. It provides a straightforward way to calculate the energy and protein requirements of sheep and cattle grazing a particular pasture or even being lot fed.

Feed requirements are based on the Australian Feeding Standards*. Without this tool, it is difficult to use the feeding standards due to the complexity of estimating the amount of food eaten and the quality of the diet that grazing animals are able to select from an individual pasture.

GrazFeed overcomes these problems by taking into account the type of animal, the availability and quality of pasture, selective grazing and interaction with supplementary feeds (for example the substitution of supplement for pasture).

Pasture weight estimation.                Pasture quality estimation

A useful tool in estimating pasture is the use of the application Feed on Offer Library funded by Australian Wool Innovation Limited and available at

The website is very useful for anyone working with GrazFeed making both the Feed on Offer (FOO) values and associated nutritive value information easy to understand.

GrazFeed then predicts the live weight change of the animals being described after estimating , where appropriate, foetal growth, milk production, growth weight of unweaned young and wool growth.

GrazFeed is suitable for any breed of cattle or sheep and for any pasture except the shrub vegetation of semi-arid rangelands.

GrazFeed Users!
Apart from graziers and their advisers, GrazFeed is widely used by educators training to-morrow’s farm decision-makers. Lecturers find that it is an excellent aid in teaching nutrition and feeding management of grazing animals. The model is used in many universities and education institutions around the world.

GrazFeed is also useful for feed manufacturers as an aid to advising appropriate levels of supplements.

Finally scientists use the program, knowing that it enables them to apply recognised feeding standards to experimental situations with grazing animals.

Tips and Techniques Using GrazFeed 

 GrazFeed in Spanish      GrazFeed is available in both English and Spanish versions and can be alternated between versions from a single installation.

*Nutrient Requirements of Domesticated Ruminants
CSIRO Publishing ISBN: 9780643092624           
Contains detailed analysis of feed components and their value which are applicable in Australia and other countries.

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