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Horizon Agriculture is an Australian company specialising in linking science to productive solutions. Horizon facilitates the expertise from CSIRO Agriculture and Food, GrazPlan project to agriculturists and educators with interests in the areas of tactical and strategic farm management.

CSIRO Agriculture and Food has developed the following successful decision support tools, based on computer modelling of farming systems and validated by research to promote more profitable farm management.

GrazFeed – managing the nutrition of sheep and cattle. Regarded as the industry benchmark for the nutrition of grazing animals in temperate climates.

MetAccess – analysing historical weather data in a flexible way to quantify variability and assess the liklihood of weather events as it impacts on business, research and every day life.

GrassGro – analysing opportunities and risks that variable weather imposes on profitability and sustainability of farming systems. 

AusFarm - optimises management strategies for livestock, grassland and cropping operations on a mixed farm or across a variable lanscape. The model allows problems to be analysed simulating the physical and biological systems. The software contains powerful facilities for analysing risk over both short and long term. Now available from CSIRO direct.

LambAlive - provides a risk analysis of weather related lamd loss in a simple spreadsheet format. The output shows average mortality risk, average chill index and proportion of lambs dying.

These tools assist agricultural enterprises to increase profits and minimise risk.

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